Small scale samples of the triangle panels 1

Small scale samples of the triangle panels 1

Wool triangles woven on a tri-loom by Zoe Wilkinson 2014


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July 1, 2014 · 10:19 am

Selecting the materials

Selecting the materails

Theme board showing various materials By Zoe Wilkinson 2014

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July 1, 2014 · 10:15 am

Selecting materials and considering the design

I first laid out a range of materials in my house and started to group different combinations together. I spent an afternoon doing this.

 I then made small triangular shapes of tracing paper and combined the yarns. I made a theme board including some of my research on circles and parachutes.

 I also did some small scale triangular weaves on a mini triangle loom I had constructed to try out different materials.

I have chosen not to draw out designs but rather experiment with different yarn combinations i.e. working directly with the materials. The design is made up of eight panels which will be sewn together to form the canopy. I don’t want the panels to be all the same but I want them to link perhaps through colour or through a graduation from light to dark (involving the thickness of the weave).

Photograph: material selection by Zoe Wilkinson  2014

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Project 10 Stage 4 Making your textile piece

Building the triangular loom

In order to get a circle shape (based on the design on the parachute) I would have to make panels that were triangle in shape (8 in total to make a circle). To weave this structure I would therefore need a triangle shaped loom. I did research on tri-looms and the weaving technique of continuous yarn weaving on a triangle loom.

I estimated the size of circle I wanted (2m diameter) then I worked out how big each of the sections would. I then constructed the loom to match the measurements. I had to adapt the shape as all the triangular looms I found online were right triangles while I needed an isosceles triangle shape


  1. You Tube Video: Continuous Strand weaving on a Triangle loom/ 7 Nov 2012 – Uploaded by PlyedandDyed

  1. Website: Wayne Schmidt’s Triangle loom page 1/07/2014

Photograph by Zoe Wilkinson 2014. The triangle loom made of wood. 


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Model version of a parachute

Model version of a parachute

In Tracing paper with embroidery by Zoe Wilkinson 2014

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June 30, 2014 · 1:51 pm

Project 10 Stage 3 Developing your design

Circles and shapes

Another set of drawings I did was based on this theme. My drawings showed sphere likes shapes, spheres within spheres. I have also done a lot of background research on making sphere like structures including:

  • Making sphere like shapes from plastic bags ( an idea used all over Africa where children make footballs from plastic bags and twine as they can not afford a real football).
  • Temari Japanese thread wrapped balls that were tokens of good luck and toys for children
  • I have investigated the possibility of weaving around paper lamp shades and wire sphere frames
  • I wrapped string around various balls and wove them with paper

My visit to a Belgium Mirror tent (Spiegeltent) in France made me start to think of spheres and circles on a larger scale. I also got reminded of Ethiopian mud hut roofs which are made from grass and are round. The idea of a parachute like structure started to appear in my mind. What if I could weave a parachute like canopy?

I had a look at some World War 1 parachute plans and then I drew a simple small plan of a parachute on tracing paper and I then cut out the shapes. I sewed the shapes together with embroidery thread. I am now working on scaling up this model on graph paper so that I can adapt it to weaving.


1. Handmade soccer Leonie Marinovich/Twenty Ten, Africa Media Online website 06/06/2014

2. Wikipedia page on Temari, web page 12/05/2014

3. DIY Garden wire globes, The Wood Grain Cottage website 07/03/2013

4. Spiegeltent website 06/006/ 2014


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Project 10 Stage 2 Focusing on your theme books

I have quite a collection of theme books:

  • A few (large and small) on Ethiopia (crafts, artists, my work and living in Ethiopia and cultural aspects of Ethiopia)
  • Pineapple book based on the Dunmore Pineapple building in Scotland
  • Circles and spheres – I started to look at circles during Assignment 3 when I started experimenting with circles and photography. I wondered if I could construct a sphere structure


This has proved to be an endless source of inspiration to me and I think it really fired my imagination for my weaving pieces as I was drawing on my experiences of living in Ethiopia. Ethiopian baskets really excite me as I have seen lots being made. I really like the circular forms of the baskets. The clay pots are also fascinating. The Amharic writing is also interesting. I did some check sketches of what interested me in black felt tip (yellow A4 sketch book). I liked the idea of combining the Ethiopian fern and Ethiopian beads. I did a series of drawings in different mediums combining the two elements. I used charcoal (from some burnt wood I had found) lipstick and felt tip pen. I enjoyed these drawings as I also did some printing too. Circular forms and spirals kept emerging in these drawings.

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