What has happened to you during the course?

Initial thoughts on the course and textile course April 2013:

I will use my textile blog to reflect on the travelling I have done to Asia, Africa and the Middle East over the past 10 years. It will also show my journey of discovery into the world of textiles.

This blog’s name is inspired by the novel ‘Travels with My Aunt’ (1969) written by Graham Greene. This book charts the travels of Henry Pulling, a retired bank manager, and his eccentric Aunt Augusta across the world. Henry exchanges his quiet suburban existence for a world full of adventure. Graham Greene opened my eyes to British literature and the adventures of travel when at the age of 12 years I found a battered copy of ‘Travels with My Aunt’ in my Grandpa’s dusty book shelves.

What has happened to you during the course?

The Textile 1 course has indeed been a journey of discovery for me not only into the world of textiles but also into the world of art and design practice. I think I have expanded my art and design knowledge and vocabulary which have enabled me to think more creatively. It has also helped me to review my work in a constructive way and to learn from the art process. There are no limits to creativity.

People and places have always been sources of inspiration for me hence the reason I called my learning log/ blog’ Travels with my Textiles’. I have used my many travel opportunities to inspire and guide my work.  The places that have fed into my work have included short trips working along the River Thames near my home in Oxford, trips to Scotland where I was inspired by architecture and visiting a local textile studio and my work in Ethiopia.


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