Final Reflections on the Textile 1 course

When I first undertook Assignment 1 I think I did not understand about really looking at the visual world around me. I was looking but not really seeing or understanding what was there. Slowly through practice I think this has changed. I think the importance of drawing and thinking through a design before actually making an art object is essential. I think for every hour that is spent making an object another hour should be spent thinking and designing the object. This strong connection between theory and practice is a revelation to me

 I think I have slowly learnt what drawing means, it is not about copying an object it is about interpretation of the visual world and integral to this is the idea of mark making.

I have really enjoyed learning the variety of techniques from drawing, painting, sewing, printmaking, 3-d construction, working with different yarns and  weaving. My favourite has definitely been weaving. I think I have been particularly inspired by weaving as I have seen many artisans in Ethiopia weaving so I have seen it as very much a living craft.

The course has also helped me to understand what motivates my art practice. I don’t think I will ever be a person who sits in a studio and creates. In fact I don’t have a studio, I have had to create work while I travel (on trains and planes), in my garden, in my flat in Ethiopia and any other available space that I can find.  I need interaction with the outside world and people to inspire my imagination. I need a narrative, a story or adventure to begin my creative journey.


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