Panels for the piece

I have really enjoyed experimenting on a large scale. I have done four large scale panels for the piece so far, some are just samples that I will not use for the final piece. I have found that I have had to add materials like bamboo to make the structures keep their triangle shape better. The first panel I did was with cord and bamboo –I hadn’t really got the technique right so doing this panel helped me learn how to do the process (the technique of using a continuous yarn). On a larger scale the yarns tend to lose their shape compared to the small scale triangles. The panels that seem to have worked the best have been the ones made out of wool not the ones made out of cord. Working on a larger scale has many implication on the behaviour of the yarns I use and I feel I have to learn as I go along as it is hard to predict how some of the materials will behave.   

I am going to do further experimentation with materials before I carry on with the large panels. I am trying to make the panels that are more stable and I think I will have to do a tighter weave to achieve this. I want to get a combination of weaves so that light will come through the piece.



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